audio recordingRecording & Music Production

Not only do we custom make beats, but our producers will make sure that you record the best version of your song possible. We don't play the part of "yes men", we make sure that every song that leaves our studio is a proper representation of who you are as an artist and who we are as a studio.

video productionVideo Production

Our video team is comprised of people that have worked in the industry and are skilled in making your video the visual depiction of the message you are trying to convey in your song. We are not a group of guys with nice cameras, we are professional story tellers and artists that take your creative vision and make it a reality.

GraphicDesignGraphic / Web Design

This is quite possibly the most underrated service we provide. Nothing will deter a person quicker than bad packaging. Our graphic designers have years of training and have spent countless hours researching what will catch a consumers eye in turn compelling them to buy. This is a science and an art form, so why trust some guy with photoshop to help build your corporate identity, design your album cover, or come up with an effective logo?

Its undeniable that hip hop has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. What started out as house party music and a way for young people to express themselves and the struggles they endured, has become a multi-billion dollar industry. The "music" on the radio now is more about mansions, jewelry, fast cars, and fast women. Gone are the days of people battling on playgrounds, and ciphers on corners spiting knowledge. The story telling of classic hip hop has been replaced by the braggadocio of modern Rap. Its with this in mind that Beetle Studios began in 2001.

June Bug began to take up the cause of what he calls "Subway Hip Hop" with little more than two turntables and a microphone. He was tired of the music that was being played on the radio, he knew it lacked something that true artistry needs, Soul. Not content to just sit on the sidelines he began to create beats that would not only redefine a genre but give inspiration to true hip hop artists. Along with his long time friend and fellow hip hop enthusiast "The Brain" they decided to put their money where there mouths were, and they began investing in bringing hip hop back to life. They decided to call their vision Beetle Studios. While they have certainly grown some and upgraded the equipment, the passion for good music and heart felt story telling is still the same!

Now, the cause of reviving hip hop cant be done by producers alone, so with that in mind June and Brain set out to put together a team that had the same passion for hip hop as they do. The artists they found are as diverse as they are talented, their rhymes come from different places within them but they're all filled with the same raw eloquence of their lyrical forefathers! These artists include: Swab DaVinci, Fatel Flows, Aliaz Uknown and Prohibit Beats. All the artists on this team have a dedication to the essence of expression, they never compromise lyrical truth in exchange for dollars! This is the type of unfiltered and totally organic music that Beetle Studio set out to make and continues to make to this day and into the future.

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With over 20 years experience in music, video and graphic design Beetle Studios is your one stop shop. From start to finish we can help you with your project

We can provide you with music production, vocal recording, mixing and mastering, music videos, documentaries, commercials, photography, web design, logo, graphic design, fliers business cards and more.

Our client base has been growing since we first started 10 years ago, with our latest move to our 1000 SqFt studio space our client list just keeps on growing.